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Bjorn Dawson 07793717835

No two people are the same and this is the philosophy he'll adopt with all  clients. You can be assured of a truly personalised approach. Everything he'll do will be unique to you, your goals, your lifestyle and the things you love.

Whether your vice is pizza or ice cream, wine or beer, Bjorn will show you how you can enjoy these things while looking and feeling better than ever.

As a husband, dad and former bank manager he know's that overhauling your lifestyle when you’re busy living life isn’t realistic. He cam offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a kick up the butt whenever you need it. His number one priority is your happiness and that’s why he'll also offer help with mindset & motivation as these are vital to your success together.

Howard Myers 07809682002

Howard is a fully certified & insured Personal Trainer. With 7 years experience on the gym floor as a gym instructor & personal trainer in a number of gyms, training athletes & people who have just started their fitness journey. Howard specializes in Strength + Conditioning, Mobility, Weight loss & Functional fitness.

His passion for teaching & helping others reaching their goals started from the age of 15 where he volunteered to teach children with mental disabilities how to swim at Bubbles swimming club. At 17 he was trained to teach group PT (Circuit Training, HIIT & endurance based) sessions for people wanting to get fit and join the Military. This involved a lot of learning, timing, patience + understanding. Howard has competed in boxing over 7 years whilst also getting involved in bodybuilding, swimming & long distance running. 

Noel Johnston 07989 928416

Wherever you are on your fitness journey Noel can help you.

He is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition advisor with a love for all things fitness and health. With his infectious enthusiasm, he will encourage, inspire and cajole (if necessary).

Having been a Police Officer for many years he is now able to indulge in his passion for assisting others with achieving their fitness goals.

Noel will set a personal programme, assess and review progress, but importantly, create an atmosphere of enjoyment.

Work hard, have fun.

Holly Louise Froud 07849739575

Holly comes from a dance and performance background. Over time this passion for movement transitioned into a love of fitness and all things ‘health’. Whilst working as a project manager on a big pharmaceutical account that was focused on tackling many global widespread health issues, Holly trained and qualified as a Health Coach at the NCCA accredited American Council on Exercise.

Since having a baby 6 months ago, Holly has decided to focus solely on health coaching and training her clients. She has a solid understanding of what it takes to get in shape and stay in shape, as well as empathy and understanding of the obstacles that can often cause set backs for people on a journey towards sustainable behaviour change and a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly however she can help to offer solutions to overcoming such hurdles. 

Everyone has their own unique personal goals. Holly can help you realise them and make them happen through focusing on a combination of nutrition, training and psychology (behaviour change and habitual behaviour).

Amie 07561808604

Level 3 Personal Trainer qualified, Amie specialises in high-intensity interval training - twice the sweat for half the time! She has two years' Crossfit experience and a passion for weight lifting: "watching the weights slowly creep up and the movement get smoother becomes addictive!" Amie's mission is to get more women fit, lifting weights, feeling confident in all areas of the gym and erasing the belief that weights make women bulky. "I hear it way too often, both inside and outside the gym. So many women don't realise the vast health benefits associated with weight training and stick to traditional CV machines. It's habit, it's a safe place and it needs changing!" Amie's main areas are weight loss, functional training, weights for women, body conditioning and high intensity interval training. Whether you have a goal of building muscle mass or losing body fat, don't have much motivation or confidence in the gym or just have no idea what you're doing and need some help, give Amie a shout! 

Ben Ashworth 07856784337

Having been a personal trainer for 9 years, Ben has helped numerous people with a wide range of goals.

Jon Moores 07506469527

Incredibly passionate about health and fitness, but, as a young man, for a long time, was unsure about how to train in order to achieve the results he desired. He qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2005 and since then has worked and trained in many places around the Maidstone area. In that time he has gained a lot of experience in different area's of training, nutritional support and how to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym.

Adam Loynds 07898834257

Adam is a highly effective and infectious Personal Trainer.  His main aim is to provide a safe, fun and understanding environment where together you can plan, action and achieve your health and fitness goals.  He will always look for the most balanced approach to his clients goals and will make educating them on all things fitness, nutrition and general health a priority. He understands that each client is different which will be reflected in your programme and approach to nutrition.

Adam has developed a great understanding of fat loss in women, especially those aged 30+.

With his thorough consultation and monthly assessment processes you will instantly start reaping the rewards of working with an inspiring, fun and totally professional PT.

When Adam asked his clients for testimonials the 5 most commonly used words were ‘Awesome’, ‘Fun’, ‘Motivator’, ‘Brilliant' and ‘Different’.  These are words that follow through all of his work and presence on the gym floor, leaving his clients and gym members happy, healthy and always progressing.

Adam is also a very experienced nutrition coach and teaches the Personal Trainers of the future, believing that there needs to be more to a PT than a six pack and colourful Instagram account!  He loves talking about that, so why not ask him about it when you see him.

Dani Jani 07447183359

If you are looking for a fun packed, energetic and diverse workout then Dani is the guy for you. He prides himself on being able to build an instant rapport with every client allowing him to make each workout enjoyable and personal to them. From a young age health and fitness has always been his passion; now as a qualified personal trainer he is looking to share what he has learnt on his fitness journey with others. Everyone wants to be healthier and look better but few are willing to put in the work and even less stay consistent. Not only will Dani motivate and push you surpass your goals he will also support you to ensure you remain on the right path

Mitch Gosling 07852134386

Mitch has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and 12 years as a top amateur and sponsored bodybuilder. As well as a popular and well followed Youtube channel; Mitch gosling TV )please check it out for top training tips), he take's people’s goals seriously, whether its weight loss, body conditioning, bodybuilding, sports specific or a healthy lifestyle, hecan set your goals appropriately and motivate you to achieve them.


YMCA Keiser Spin instructor, YMCA pre-post natal pregnancy training, Academy Training - Level 1 & 2 power plate, Optimal Life Fitness - Kettle bell, ITEC Nutrition, YMCA fit ball Premier Body Massage, Future Fit Advanced Personal Trainer, YMCA Qualified gym instructor, NABBA & BAWLA Fitness Awards.


Transformation specialist Weight loss, body toning and nutrition advice.

Ellis Rose 07722895533

Ellis is a highly passionate and motivating individual who has over 5 years experience  in boxing and has been a keen athlete since day 1. He has gained experience and understanding the body and how it works, and now wants to pass on his experience on to others, helping them reach their goals.

Ellis specialises in 1-2-1 boxing fitness and technique training and all round fitness and strength training. 

All Personal Trainers at CORE.are freelance and therefore we do not recommend nor endorse their services however we’re happy to provide you their details