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Personal Trainers

Bjorn Dawson 07793717835

No two people are the same and this is the philosophy he'll adopt with all  clients. You can be assured of a truly personalised approach. Everything he'll do will be unique to you, your goals, your lifestyle and the things you love.

Whether your vice is pizza or ice cream, wine or beer, Bjorn will show you how you can enjoy these things while looking and feeling better than ever.

As a husband, dad and former bank manager he know's that overhauling your lifestyle when you’re busy living life isn’t realistic. He cam offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a kick up the butt whenever you need it. His number one priority is your happiness and that’s why he'll also offer help with mindset & motivation as these are vital to your success together.

Ben Ashworth 07856784337

Having been a personal trainer for 9 years, Ben has helped numerous people with a wide range of goals.

Jon Moores 07506469527

Incredibly passionate about health and fitness, but, as a young man, for a long time, was unsure about how to train in order to achieve the results he desired. He qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2005 and since then has worked and trained in many places around the Maidstone area. In that time he has gained a lot of experience in different area's of training, nutritional support and how to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym.

Stephen Glen 07725365884

Stephen believes that correct movement (biomechanics), good posture, basic strength and simple nutrition are the foundations to a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

With a background in Sports & Remedial Massage and Acupuncture, REPs Level 3 qualified, and with a strong personal interest in Strength & Conditioning (KBT S&C qualified) and Rehabilitation for sport, Stephen can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, whether that’s strength development, injury rehab, weight loss or general fitness.

So if you’re new to the gym, returning after time away, feeling like you’re struggling with programming, motivation or a specific exercise, or simply want to get some good advice from a knowledgeable trainer, book in a session and start your journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.

All Personal Trainers at CORE.are freelance and therefore we do not recommend nor endorse their services however we’re happy to provide you their details