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Bjorn 07793717835 


No two people are the same and this is the philosophy he'll adopt with all clients. You can be assured of a truly personalised approach. Everything he'll do will be unique to you, your goals, your lifestyle and the things you love.

Whether your vice is pizza or ice cream, wine or beer, Bjorn will show you how you can enjoy these things while looking and feeling better than ever.

As a husband, dad and former bank manager he know's that overhauling your lifestyle when you’re busy living life isn’t realistic. He cam offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a kick up the butt whenever you need it. His number one priority is your happiness and that’s why he'll also offer help with mindset & motivation as these are vital to your success together.


Jon 07506469527



Incredibly passionate about health and fitness, but, as a young man, for a long time, was unsure about how to train in order to achieve the results he desired. He qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2005 and since then has worked and trained in many places around the Maidstone area. In that time he has gained a lot of experience in different area's of training, nutritional support and how to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym.


Diwi 07737128505



Diwi is a qualified level 3 personal trainer and has been for 6 years. He holds a BA (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Management from the University of Kent. His unique and versatile training style sets him apart from your everyday personal trainer in that he makes every session different, yet tailored to your individual goals whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable. He is a not only a personal trainer, he coaches you, he encourages you to try different movements that will give you a stronger core. He believes in a strong core for he says it is what makes us perform movement effortlessly and effectively.

You are unique, so your training and nutrition plan will be designed specifically to bring out the best in you, physically and mentally. You won’t just train with him, you will get the full “D1W1Experience”



Ethan 07784 656883


Ethan is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and level 2 weightlifting coach. His friendly face and bubbly personality are enough to put any anxiety at ease. He has experienced weight loss first-hand losing 4 stone whilst humbly maintaining his above average strength. He gets on with anyone from all walks of life and genuinely loves getting to know people.


Having spent 2 years working at Core The Gym Ethan has experience working with all sorts of people, all with different health and fitness goals but most of all, making them all feel as comfortable as possible in gym environment.


Alicia 07548 349596


Alicia is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer who is also studying a degree in Sports Fitness Coaching. Alicia is a professional dancer who recently graduated professional dance college. This has lead to a knowledgeable background in physical fitness and a stronger understanding of the importance of strength and flexibility. Alicia has a passion for helping everyone feel confident in the gym and the huge benefits exercise can have for your mental health.

She believes in a positive mindset and relationship with both exercise and nutrition and will help work on both the mental health benefits as well as the physical goals.

Alicia is pre and post-natal qualified and also has a strong understanding of how the menstrual cycle and affect your training.


Donna 07894 876267


Donna is a Level 3 personal trainer and Registered Paramedic. Through both her experience in health care and personal life, Donna is a strong believer that building a strong body cultivates a strong mind, encourages body confidence and empowers both men and women.

What ever your level of fitness or experience, whether it be through fat loss, muscle gain or improving general fitness, Donna there to support you.

Free initial consultation, regular check in’s and progress tracking, alongside nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice. Reach your fitness goals and improve your mental wellbeing, but most of all, enjoy the process!


Dani 07447183359

If you are looking for a fun and energetic training session while achieving some fantastic results then Dani is the PT for you !

Dani is level 3 qualified with great boxing knowledge and experience, so whether your goal is weight loss, gaining muscle, a lifestyle change or learning  a new skill Dani will push you to your goals with his unique style and personality. 


Matt 07710983489



With over 12 years of fitness coaching experience and over 20 years of a level of professional sport under his belt Matt has a real infinity for health and fitness. He has helped a vast number of people to lose weight, gain muscle, live pain free and become happier, healthier individuals over the years, as well as helping people achieve and improve sporting events of their choice from football to triathlons. 


Matt is a smiley and infectious person to be around, motivating, empathetic and enjoys teaching you what you need to know to get to the goal you so wish to achieve. Follow him on Instagram as thebod.kin__bbfit or come say hi in the gym if you have any questions. 


Adel 07760525035



If you are looking for a personal trainer to motivate, support and inspire you, then Adel Murphy (pocket rocket) is the perfect fit.

With over 20 years' in the health, fitness and wellness industry, Adel is adept at helping people to reach their goals and beyond. Originally from Dublin in Ireland, Adel ran her own highly successful gym which was known for its studio fitness and cardio intense classes. She came to England over six years ago and set up Murphy Motivation - a range of community fitness classes and nutrition support. In addition she also owns the Health Hut nutrition club in Maidstone alongside her successful personal training business.

Adel is passionate about helping people to become fitter, healthier and happier. Over the past five-years she has competed in a variety of UK and world fitness competitions and now specialises in total transformational coaching (mind, body and soul) for those who want to take their fitness dreams to the next level and compete in a natural way.

Whatever your fitness goal is, Adel can help guide and support you to reach it in a fun and inspiring way that's tailored to meet your needs and get you the results you deserve.

To find out more, book in for a 1:1 discovery call with Adel at 07760525035


Jamie 07740 337515



Jamie is a Personal Trainer that specialises in sports performance & injury recovery and is the founder of Optimum Performance. He works with athletes at all levels to take them to the next level. 


His aim is to break through the status quo, not just accepting it, always challenging and moving forward. He has specific skills, experience & sporting background to help athletes and individuals succeed. 


Jamie has developed his own OP model of building from the ground up, to make sure there is no stage of development missed. This is fundamental for athletes looking for that competitive edge.


If you want to find out more about how Jamie can work with you or your team catch him in the gym or give him a call.


Dan 07732 080149


Dan is highly qualified and has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Having gained experience in the corporate gym world, he set up his own Personal training company - BodyElite.


Dan specialises in fat loss but also enjoys helping people improve their running. Whether it’s a 5k, Ultra Marathon or to excel in an endurance sport, then Dan is your man. Having a 3 hour marathon time and competed in many ultra races, he has lots of experience when it comes to the best methods to train for an event.


Training sessions will be varied and fun to help achieve your goals. Please feel free to give Dan a call or text.

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Simon 07835402039


Simon is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential. From his experience in working in mental health he has developed an understanding, and gained an insight into people's struggles with mental health and the positive impact that a healthier and more active lifestyle can have on someone’s mental health as well as their overall wellbeing. 

Simon has been on his own transformational journey, starting at 18 stone, and has developed a love for rugby and a passion for fitness which has driven him to become a personal trainer.  

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, developing fitness or to improve your confidence Simon can help you achieve your full potential. 

For a free consultation, or if you have any questions, drop Simon a message or feel free to say hi to him in the gym!

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