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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Day Passes?

Yes we do, these can be purchased online (but must be redeemed the day of purchase), or at reception in the gym for £8.99.


How do I cancel my membership?

If you need to cancel your membership please email us at with:

Your name

Your Address

Your reason for cancellation

You will then receive an email confirming your last payment date* and the end date for your membership**

* If your next payment date falls within the 30 day notice period that becomes your last payment ** Your membership end date is 30 days from your final payment 

Please note you cannot cancel someone else's membership, we need to hear from the member themselves

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes you can, we just need to know the exact length of time you would like your membership frozen for (maximum of 12 months). Please email us at

Do you do classes?

Our group classes are FREE and run throughout the week! 

With a varied timetable, we advertise each week's classes on both Facebook and Instagram at 7pm every Sunday for the week ahead. You can also find the class schedule within the FitSense App.

Find out more here.

Do you have parking?

Members benefit from 2 hours free parking in The Mall multi-storey and rooftop car parks. To receive your 2 hours' free parking you will need to enter your car's registration number into one of the 2 tablets located in the gym. This will enable the parking system to recognise you as a gym member and will grant you the 2 hours free. If you run over that time, you will simply pay the difference at the pay station.

What times are you open? What are you bank holiday hours?

We are open from 6am - 10pm Monday to Friday 

7am - 8pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 

We're open 365 days a year although Christmas day is often just a couple of hours (keep an eye on our social media for specific hours) 

Do you charge joining fees? Or Do contracts?

We don't charge joining fees, nor do we have contracted periods for our Direct Debit Memberships, however we do ask for 30 days notice to cancel and all cancellations must be requested by emailing  

When are your busiest periods?

On the Fitsense membership app there is a tab at the bottom which says "Plan Visit" this gives you realtime information about how many people are in the gym. You can also see our busiest days and times.


On occasions, we seem to be getting increasingly busy on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm. If at any point during these hours we feel capacity is an issue, we may put a queueing system in place just to ensure that people get the opportunity to enjoy their workout.

Do you have showers, lockers and changing rooms?

Yes we have full changing facilities and showers, segregated for Male and Female. We also have lockers and supply padlocks if you don't have your own.

Which Personal Trainer would you recommend?

We have an extensive group of Personal Trainers. They each have their own specialisms and training styles so we would recommend look at our list and picking 2/3 to have an initial chat with. This is often the best approach to ensure they can help you on your fitness journey.

Do you do training programs?

We have a number of programmes available, just click here. 

We can also offer specifically tailored 1-2-1's with the team. These are bookable at reception or by calling 01622683367.

What is the minimum age for joining?

15 is the minimum age however we have the right to revoke memberships if any individual, regardless of age, doesn't act responsibly while training.

Will my membership price increase in the future?

We have never increased our membership prices for members on direct debit, however if you were to cancel your membership and then rejoin you would have to join at the current membership rate.  

Do you cater for disabled people?

Yes, the gym is fully DDA compliant 

How many calories should I eat?

Feel free to use our calorie calculator to determine your estimated daily calorie intake. This is an estimate of the daily calories you need to maintain your current body weight. In order to lose or gain weight you will need to be in either a calorie deficit or surplus.


To lose 1lb of weight per week you will need to be in a deficit of around 500 kcal per day (3500 kcal per week)

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We love dogs but all we ask is that its not in "peak" periods and it doesn't affect our other members.

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